This is a little comic I drew, mostly to teach myself more Russian. I’ve included English translations below every page.


—Socar M.

I’m a possum!

I’m big! I’m smart! I always want to eat!

One time, maybe last week, maybe a month ago, I tried to crawl under the fence. I was so hungry. I wanted to eat berries and sleep in the grass.

But I have a big butt, like a fluffy pillow.

>>> Big arse.

>>> Small gap.

“Oh why, why did I eat so many cakes and biscuits and candies and fruits?”

I cried sugary tears.

Then I heard a noise.

I raised my eyes and I saw, under the trees…A NIGHTMARISH MONSTER!

“No…no…you don’t see me!”

Horrible old man!

“Ah, poor lost cat! Little dandelion! Don’t be frightened of me.”

“No…no…I’m dead. Go away!”

The old man freed me from the fence.

I couldn’t open my eyes.

He carried me to an enchanted world. I saw marvellous things—a strange box full of friends; delicious food; a tiny bed just for me.

I took a long bath.

I played and laughed.

What a beautiful day!

“Oh, you’re home. I found a stray cat.”

“Blind old man! That’s not a cat. That’s a dirty possum.”

I dug under the fence and hurried home. I couldn’t wait to tell everyone.

“…and then the old lady threw me out!”


“I don’t believe you.”

“The old man fed you? I’ve met old men. They threw slippers at me.”

“You’re always making up stories.”


“But…but…it’s true. This time, it’s true.”

My friends didn’t believe me. But I went back to the garden.

“You’re really a possum? Ha, ha, ha. You are not dirty. You’re the best possum.”

I go every day now…and I go alone.


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