From the Department of Instant Karma

Remember a while ago, I gloated unpleasantly over a book project I was passed over for, and which performed poorly?

My boss made me rewrite that book, almost from scratch.

(I don’t think he saw me complaining. He couldn’t have, right? Nobody reads this blog, and he doesn’t know my real name. Still, with unerring precision, he rooted me out. Talk about instant karma! Two weeks, I had—two weeks to retool this thing from the ground up. It wasn’t quite like writing a novel from scratch. It was more like…polishing all the silver in an old English manor, all by myself, while the lord watched.)

Anyway, that’s where I’ve been, rewriting this novel. I think I deserved what I got. I was quite, quite mean. I won’t gloat again, over a rival’s misfortune.