From the Department of Botanical Intrusions

Anyone know what this is? It blew up on my balcony, this morning, and I brought it in. I wouldn’t mind having more of it about. My own wee plant—if it is a wee plant, and not something flown off a tree.

I get a lot of stuff blowing up here, but most of it’s rubbish. I had a paper bag yesterday, a plastic one before that, and an old bit of hazard tape with a snail hanging on. Something’s taken root in my planter, some sort of weed, and I know I didn’t plant that. This, though, it’s pretty. And it’s reddish, which might attract hummingbirds.

Oh, it’s probably off a tree. It looks like it’s off a tree, that rootless stalk, those long, thin fronds.

What do I know from tree-flowers?

I’m on a bit of a streak, though, with keeping plants alive. I’ve kept a myrtle going since December (though, I suppose it’s tough to kill a tree). I’ve got a wee creepy thing spreading down my windowsill, and an air plant, and some succulents. One of those shrivelled up and went brown, but that’s coming back, now. And the rest are still okay. The only thing I’ve snuffed out is an ivy. Maybe it didn’t get enough light. Maybe I should’ve planted it outside. In any case, a weed climbed up out of its ruins, and that’s still alive.

Maybe I’ll try growing edible plants. Though, last time I did that, the crows took to rubbing themselves on my rosemary. You can’t really eat it, once a crow’s had its feathers all over.

I could fancy some avocados, though. Guacamole, sort of thing.

Maybe I’ll order some in.

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