Review: My Garbage from La Taqueria

La Taqueria ( has the best tacos in Vancouver—for my money, anyway—but this isn’t a review of their food. It’s a review of the garbage left over, after my most recent meal.

I had the carne en adobo burrito, which was brilliant, and the guac and chips, which was even better: they’ve got delicious guacamole. And the chips aren’t, like, your bog-standard Tostitos. They’re light, sort of spicy, with a nice pepper kick. I think they must make them, themselves.

To the rubbish, though! Here it is:

And now, for the review:

Volume: La Taqueria has done an excellent job of keeping the refuse to a minimum. The portions were generous, but not excessive: I was able to eat my whole burrito and all my chips in two days. I was left with one burrito wrapper, one small paper bag, the tub the guacamole came in, and a bit of lettuce I dropped on the floor. (That last’s not on them.)

Five stars for volume: * * * * *

Smell: I mean, how bad can one lettuce scrap smell? This is as blameless as it gets, trash-wise.

Five stars for smell: * * * * *

Potential to Ruin Birds’ Lives and Bother Small Mammals: Next to none. While a cardboard container might’ve been ideal, for the guacamole, they’ve avoided plastic waste, for the most part. And there’s nothing that could get around anything’s neck.

Four and a half stars for environmental impact: * * * * 1/2

This is primo garbage, man. Top-flight, solid-gold dust. Every bin man’s dream. I’d rate my satisfaction a five.

I did not get free tacos for this garbage review.

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