From the Department of Inexplicable Things Saved in Notepad Files

Thing One
They didn’t just rub our faces in it. They shoved it in all our orifices and tattooed it on the backs of our hands, so we’d have to look at it all the time.

Thing Two

Thing Three
You won’t be needing any more [thing someone won’t be needing any more of, because they won’t be alive].

Thing Four
weird watery eons

Thing Five
One of these days, he’s going to do that thing where he shakes someone’s hand and pulls them uncomfortably close, and they’re going to splay their other hand over his face and push him away, like “not today, Mr. Grabby.”

Thing Six
squish mitten

These six things must’ve meant something to me, at some point. (Even the squish mitten.)

I have another headache, Internet. Or maybe it’s the same one, from before. It won’t go away. It keeps coming back. I’m all full of misery.

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