From the Department of Messes I’ve Made Today

It was warm today, verging on hot, and I decided to work on my balcony, take in the fresh air. I don’t have any furniture out there, so I just used my wheelchair. It wasn’t so bad, at least not till it was time to come in. When I went to my bedroom, this happened:

Those are my filthy footprints all over the floor. They went all the way to my bedroom and onto the carpet, which isn’t white, but it’s pale. Beige, sort of thing. Those are my toe pads at the top, there—you can see them quite clearly, big black prints. Fucking fuck.

After that, I decided to do the reference shots I was supposed to do the other night, but I got thirsty, and this happened:

At the risk of sounding a bit, eh, Dwight Schrute, IT WAS BEET JUICE!

I mean, it really was beet juice. I shook up the bottle, thinking the cap was on properly. Clearly, it wasn’t. Most of the beetsplosion missed the camera, but my feet got a nice shower. Same for the floor. (It wiped up just fine, except on my palms, which are still sort of pinkish. I must have absorbent palms. I’ll have to remember that, next time I spill something and can’t find a hanky.)

Also, while I was out on the balcony, I discovered the following unauthorised vegetation squatting in my planter:

I put some dirt in there a while ago, so it wouldn’t fill with water when it rained. Standing water attracts mosquitos. It seems the dirt has attracted weeds. I thought they were just leaves, at first, blown in on the breeze, but when I pulled at them they stuck. (I left them there. I haven’t got anything else to plant.)

Anyway, this has been a catalogue of the messes I made today—plus one bonus mess, courtesy of the wind and the rain (and some enterprising seeds).

PS – I cleaned them all up, except the weeds. I didn’t leave them for the help, like I did that one time at my old place, where I left a spider squashed to my wall the better part of a year. My housekeeper (not the one I have now) ignored it, and I was loath to say anything, so it stayed till my mother came over. She saw it and grabbed a cloth; one swipe, and it was gone. Had I known it’d be so easy!

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