From the Department of Fluffy Flotsam

Somebody left a pillow on the lawn outside the Dollarama.

I know that’s not interesting, but there is a pillow. It’s an okay pillow. I’d go down and get it, but I don’t want it.

There was some guy last night, right where the pillow is. He was lurking about, then he stepped in a shadow, and that was all. I kept watching a while, but he never reappeared. Maybe he lay down and slept. But you wouldn’t sleep there, would you? There’s nothing to lie under, no awning, no canopy.

You wouldn’t sleep there.

I used to live in a high-rise, across from another high-rise, and one time, I snapped a shot of my neighbour snapping shots of me. Double voyeurs, man. I need a telescope.

Anyway, I’ve really just surfaced to report on the pillow. One pillow, reported.


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