Mr. Barky

This is a brief clip of me being frightened by a dog:

I made it as an experiment of sorts, after being informed I didn’t behave all that strangely yesterday, apart from the whole bag hand thing—tf? you were just sitting there. I’d have noticed if anyone was staring.

Was I just sitting there? I’m sure I was vibrating, and everyone was staring…except, were they? Did I look, or did I assume…?

Anyway, back to my experiment. I don’t look perturbed, do I? The dog started barking when I opened my door, and kept up the whole time I was out. It was scratching the door like it wanted a piece of me, doing that got-a-bone growl. I turned up my music, but the baying was louder (and someone else just went out, and it’s started again).

I mostly ignored the dog. I looked back a few times, to make sure it hadn’t escaped, but I got to the end of the hall. And I sat for a while, and I listened to music. I told myself I’d sit through five songs, and I made it through four and a half. I was fine through Misora Hibari singing Gondola no Uta. I got lost in Dove guardi splendono raggi, and stayed lost through Son Pereda, son ricco d’onore. I was okay through Monsieur Canibal, but maybe The End of the World was a bad idea. I gave up halfway through that.

The dog gave me an extra-loud volley as I passed by its door. I stopped for a moment out of spite, stopped and stood and let it bark, but then it growled, and I made my escape.

I’m not sure how I’d rate that excursion. I’d give it three stars for enjoyability: five for the music, but the dog knocks off two. My own courage, I’d rate a two. I withstood the dog, sort of, but I didn’t get very far. And I scurried off pretty fast at that growl. Everything else gets a four. As hallways go, mine is pleasant, warm in the day, filled with natural light. The seating is perfect, all cosy and bright. I’d give it five stars, but there’s a stain on the carpet that I think might be shit. That’s got to cost a star. I can’t hand out five stars for shit.

…then again, it might be chocolate. Four and a half, then—four and a half stars for ambience. A+. Very soothing.

I’ll try again later, see if I can’t last through five songs.

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