from the department of skinfestation, dear god, it itches, make it stop

the worst part of these vaccines

is how much they itch.

it itches

it itches

like I walked through a cloud of a million billion blackflies, and I walked through covered in honey, and now I am covered in honey and blackflies, and the blackflies are biting and squiggling their little legs, tiny tickly blackfly legs wiggling into my pores

my ears

my feet

the sides of my hands where they rest on my keyboard

it itches it itches it itches it itches please stop

it will stop by tomorrow, but today I itch.

(last time my tongue itched and that was the worst. this time it doesn’t, but my feet itch instead. my feet itch on their soles and all between my toes. I rub them on the carpet, but still they itch and itch.)

it is better than COVID, but DEAR GOD MAKE IT STOP!

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