Shi(r)tpost: the Bird Shirt

This is a brilliant bird shirt I got. It’s from

I got it because it has birds on it, but it’s better than I thought it was going to be. For one thing, the fabric’s both lighter and softer than I was expecting. I was picturing a thickish, roughish sort of weave—your standard hoodie fabric (oh, yeah! It’s got a hood, and pockets!)—but this is something airier. Summer wear, sort of thing. You don’t get a lot of long-sleeved summer shirts, so that’s a bonus. Plus, it’s comfy and stretchy—I’ve been wearing it all day.

Also, it has birds on it. Loads of birds. It goes well with my bird’s foot necklace, which I’m also wearing.

I’d hoped to get better pictures—y’know, properly show the lines of it, and the quality of the fabric. It’s from a new designer who deserves lots more business. I think I’ve mostly succeeded in making myself look extra-pointy, but fashion photography’s never been my thing. I mostly snap, well, y’know. Birds.

This shirtpost has been brought to you by my shirt and, uh, Nikon.

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