Today, I’m all anger and hate.

I woke up and poked at the same spot on my belly for twenty minutes. It hurt, so I went “eeeeee,” and I kept going “eeeeee” the whole time. I kept doing it louder and louder. My neighbours probably heard. I didn’t care. I was angry.

I went to the fridge and I didn’t want celery and I didn’t want grapes and I didn’t want chicken and I didn’t want a frozen coconut bar, and that was all I had, so I went “eeeeee” some more.

I got on my iPad and Donald Trump was there. I went “eeeeee” and I swiped him away.

I tried to eat some chicken. It was dry and I choked, and I went “eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee” till it slid down my throat.

Later, I felt sick, and I said “eeeeee” to that too. I’m tired of feeling sick. I’m tired of everything.

I wrote two thousand words and said “eeeeee” to them.

I’m too tired to say “eeeeee” any more.

It’s only August, and the leaves are thinning out. At the height of summer, I could look at the Dollarama sign and only see the DOL, but I’m starting to see the rest through the trees. I don’t want it to be winter. I hate getting out of the shower and it’s cold, and the floor is cold, and my hair gets cold and cold drips down my neck. I don’t like to be cold. Fucking eeeeee.

I started drawing a lion, and I got tired of its teeth, so I did a goat umbrella.



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