From the Department of Life-Changing Questions

Did you know that before they become snacks, artichokes are these great towering thistle things that come up to your chest? I thought the part you eat was the whole plant, and it grew on the ground like a succulent.

Artichokes, man. What a waste.

Today, I underestimated my workload and goofed off for hours. Tonight, I’ll be working late.

2 thoughts on “From the Department of Life-Changing Questions

  1. You know, next time I get carried away chatting into the night, don’t feel bad about reminding me you have work to do.

    It’s good to see the sheepboy reach wide exposure.

    I always found artichokes fascinating because they don’t even look like food, but only ever had canned artichoke hearts, which were a letdown.


    1. Oh, you are not to blame. After our chat, which was lovely, I meant to get back to work, but instead, I played a bunch of Scrabble, read a chapter of a book, ate crisps, felt sick, fell asleep, and wasted another two hours. Had I not done all that, I would still have finished at a somewhat reasonable hour.

      I love artichoke hearts. They are delicious. Well, some of them are, I suppose. They’re one of the best pickled foods, when done right. I like their sharp taste and leafy texture.


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