Shi(r)tpost: Making it Weird

You know those Wish ads on Facebook, weird shit for a buck or two, shipped from who knows where? You can get Nicolas Cage on a pillow, knickers with cushions built in, everything you never wanted, if you’re willing to wait a few weeks.

Ever wonder who buys that shit? Well, it’s me. Me. I buy that shit, and I make it scary, ’cause that’s what I do.

(It’s just, my mother threw out my horrible fuzzy coat. I needed something for loafing about the house, and this is what I came up with.)

i goes on teh wish
i buys weirdass shit
i takes creepy pix
cos i can.

Here’s what it really looks like, without the creep-ass lighting:

I must say, for some bargain shit off the Internet, it’s comfy as hell. A+; would Wish again.

3 thoughts on “Shi(r)tpost: Making it Weird

  1. The most creepy thing about those pictures is how clean your kitchen is! Great looking top – it does indeed look comfy and I wish it a long life, free of marauding mothers!

    Sometimes you just can’t beat buying crap of the internet!


    1. Oh, in fact, my housekeeper had just been. I don’t REALLY keep things that tidy. I like to take photos right after she’s gone, so everyone thinks I live in a spotless Architectural Digest flat. (The dream!)

      I do love my Internet junk. ❤

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