A drawing

It’s a drawing.

I drew it.

The scanner left marks round the edges. I should get rid of those.

Anyway, it’s been a while since I’ve managed one of these. My vision’s not what it was. I have to draw in fits and stars with a magnifying glass, or zoomed in on an iPad. An iPad’s not so good, though, because I’ve got to use my finger. I can’t do fine detail with a finger. Or maybe I could, but it’d take forever. I don’t know. Is there a finger trick?

This is all I have to say today—just look at the drawing. It’s finished.

5 thoughts on “A drawing

  1. Beautiful – I’ve always found the detail in your artwork sublime, her dress is very well done.

    I’m confused though, is it a pen and ink, or is it digital? I only ask because you mentioned a scanner and your finger? I assume you don’t have a WACOM tablet anymore.


    1. Thank you!

      This one is pen-and-ink. The little doodles that usually appear at the bottoms of my blog posts are digital, though. Those are the ones I do with my finger on my iPad.

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      1. I love your little doodles, you must have very pointy digits to be able to draw them in with your fingers!

        Stupid question…if that’s pen and ink, did you ink in the whole of the starscape or is it coloured paper?


        1. Not a stupid question at all, as there are a lot of ways to render a starscape in pen and ink. I inked it all in, in this case, so I could give the stars fairly uniform soft edges. For a harder-edged look, acrylic spatter works well, but you have less control, so it’s harder to use them to guide the eye around the composition. Anything involving white on top of black is harder to pull off cleanly, which is why I did it the other way around.

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