From the Department of AAAAAH!

I can’t actually scream, as my neighbours might hear me, so I just wanted to say

Aaaaaaaaaaaaah, God, it hurts! Jesus Christ, make it stop! Make it stop, get it off, get it out of my face! My whole head’s exploding! There’s nails in my jaw! Fucking aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, make it stop! Kill me now!

I still have a toothache.

Make it stop.

3 thoughts on “From the Department of AAAAAH!

    1. Well, yes, but the problem is, I have so many broken teeth it’s not worth repairing just the one that’s currently bothering me. I’m saving up to have everything done at once, but it’s going to cost me upwards of $50,000. It’ll be a while.

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