I think my name is “sod off.”

I’m short on words today. I’m too consumed with disappointment, particularly in the client who sent me this—

That’s not polite, is it? (Particularly as I sent only one invoice. I sent it quite late, knowing I had forty-five days, but that’s hardly an excuse.)

Internet, man, I’m tired of clients who see freelancers as interchangeable, who don’t cultivate cordial relationships. It’s a blow to the ego, that type of behaviour, like how good can I be if they’ll treat me that way?

I might sulk a while, but first, I wanted to share my favourite memory of the 2016 US election, which is something my drunken neighbour bellowed into the night:

America! America! America has a bad case of the DTs!

(My other memory of that night involves brushing my teeth while having Va, pensiero stuck in my head. It made for a slow, melancholic brush, reflective, not effective.)

…America has the DTs. Ha, ha. Ha, ha, ha. That’s a good one.

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