Items I checked off my to-do list today:

  • Work ✔
  • Study Russian ✔

Items I failed to check off my list:

  • Map the stairwells ✘
  • Enter the secret courtyard ✘

I sort of went out, but I feel terrible today. I think it’s because I haven’t been eating. I thought I could feed myself and be right back to normal, but I got ten steps from my door and slid down the wall.

(I kept going, though. I found this fire alarm.)

I did a few other things I wouldn’t normally do, if I felt sick and frightened.

I answered the phone. Normally, I’d ignore that.

I told my boss I might finish my current book on Monday, not Friday. I don’t usually request extensions. It’s simpler to stick to the schedule. This week, that might be difficult. (I’ll still shoot for Friday, but I’ve bought myself a buffer.)

I made myself eat three tablespoons of potato salad, even though it had mayonnaise. I hate mayonnaise. Most days, I’d have given up, but today I finished eating.

I still feel quite bad. I can’t move without breaking out in a cold sweat. I need more food and more sleep, or maybe I’ve just caught some bug.

I’ll get comfort food tomorrow. Fruit and soup. Salty snacks. Nothing with mayonnaise. I despise mayonnaise.

I can’t let this happen again.

5 thoughts on “PULL IN CASE OF FIRE

  1. I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been on a low ebb of late – being in constant pain is blooming awful and compounded by not having eaten much… Yeah you have my sympathies. I do hope you’ve been able to eat some of your fruit and soup (I love soup) today – and salty snacks are always good 😀

    I hope you manage to get your teeth and your eyes sorted out soon.

    I’m proud of you for venturing out from your four walls – even if it’s only just outside. One small step and all that. Well done you. I’m looking forward to hearing about that hidden courtyard.

    Have you ever considered that you might be better off living outside the city?


    1. You know, I thought about living outside the city. There was a place in Port Moody I was interested in, with a forest outlook and a river just down the hill. But Mother came out and had a look at it, and she said I’d be TOO isolated. She was worried my friends wouldn’t drive all the way out there, and that I’d use the remote location as an excuse to avoid EVER getting used to other people.

      She was right, but that doesn’t make my current situation any more pleasant. Ha, ha.

      I’m definitely going to resume my search for the hidden courtyard as soon as I’m back on my feet. This hiding away has gone on long enough.

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      1. Ah that makes sense – some times you can go the too far the other way I guess, although a forest outlook sounds lovely 😀

        Well if you need some encouragement you know where to look – I’m looking forward to reading all about your hallway adventures. If you find any secret bunkers even better! 😀


        1. I’d have loved that forest outlook, it’s true, and I’d probably even have got out more, as I’m not afraid of trees (unless those trees are full of people). But the mountain outlook is just as nice, and people ARE a fact of life.

          I’ll get back to that hallway as soon as I’ve recovered my strength.

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